Sri Sri Vinod Bihari Das Babaji Maharaj, Barsana :: Disciple of Prabhupad Sri Sri 108 Sri Tinkodi Goswami ji Maharaj

Obstacles in Bhakti

If we do some soul-searching, we shall surely find some very minute matters arising from various aparadhs. If we are inattentive to these minute matters then later on they gain huge proportions and stop our progress in the path of Bhakti. Binod dasji is the blessed disciple of the Most worshiped Prabhupad 108 Srila Tinkodi (Kishori-Kishorananda) Goswami . He is sheltered in Vrajadham and is dearer to me than my life. He has gained the mercy of great souls and has progressed in self-sacrifice, material detachment and devotional practice within a very short time. Many questions have arisen in his heart regarding the obstacles in the progress of Bhakti. So he decided to share his realizations in this book. Although this book is small, it is a bright torch in the path of pure Bhajan. He showed me the manuscript of this text some days back. I thought it is a most essential grantha and encouraged him to publish it. Any devotee who is serious in performing Bhajan must read it and it will surely help him - I have no doubt in this regard.

~ 108 Sri Srimad Ananta das Babaji Maharaj
    Pandit and Mahant of Sri Radhakund

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